Easter Eggs in Whisper

I love the movies of the Marvel Universe and one of my favorite elements is that for dedicated comic nerds like me, they always drop little Easter eggs for you to find. For those unaware, Easter eggs are hidden items within a media. Sometimes it’s a message to the consumer and other times it’s aContinue reading “Easter Eggs in Whisper”

A Bunch of Gratitudes

Where do I even begin? I started writing Whisper three years ago. It was during November’s annual National Novel Writing Month and I wanted to try my hand at that mountain of a challenge. I made a decent dent in the story but eventually life’s daily happenings caught up with me and I sat itContinue reading “A Bunch of Gratitudes”

Trailers for debut novella, Whisper

I’m almost more proud of myself for creating this trailer more than the book itself! A huge shout out goes to Cassie Proffitt, Nicole Claybrooks and JaemiO (Go check FoodiO Farms!) for their contributions! Check out their versions below! Whisper Trailer (Cassie version) Whisper Trailer (Nicole Learner version) Whisper Trailer (JaemiO version)